Collection: Ungating Toy Products & Categories

Did you know that US retail Toy sales in 2019 reached $34.8B.  Amazon captured 19% of those retail transactions, pulling in $6,612,000,000.  That’s an astounding number for a company that only sells online.  But that’s not the most important statistic to take note of.  Amazon 3rd party sellers account for roughly 58% of Amazon sales.  If that stat correlates equally in the Toy category, Amazon 3rd party sellers raked in over $3.8 Billion dollars in revenue from the Toy category. 

Ungate Amazon ToysIf you are a seller who is gated in the Toy category, this is the time to do get the process rolling.  It takes time to learn what products are best to source.  There are many trends that you can learn through experience without having to pay a guru. 

A great example is a client of ours, Janelle.  She ungated Toys in June of 2020 after 2 months of selling through FBA.  She told us her sales in June were close to $5k, which after only 2 months means she was motivated.  Mid-summer she got a lead on an item that was trending up in the rankings but was hard to find.  About 3 weeks ago this item came into stock and she was able to source 87 of them in a single day.  What’s more impressive is that all of them sold by the time she unloaded from her sourcing trip, netting her over $2,500 in profit.  Just 6 months ago it took her 15 days to gross that in sales.

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Toy Category Plus These 10 High Velocity Brands:

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  • Jakks
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars


1 product
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