Amazon Ungating FAQ

Q:  How long do approvals take?

A:  Times vary by brand and category due to multiple factors such as brand demand, seller matrics, and how busy the Amazon approvals team is.  While most approvals are within a few days some of the more popular brands and categories can take a few weeks. 

Q:  Has COVID-19 affected approval time?

A:  Very much so, although those times are gradually getting back to normal.

Q:  Do I need a resale certificate?

A:  Most brands and some categories can be approved without the need for a resale certificate.  However, there are categories/brands that will require it. 

Q:  Can I cancel my membership and then restart it later?

A:  Yes, but a reinstatement fee will apply.  If you need assistance with a limited number of approvals, please email us for a one-time quote. 

Q:  Do we need access to seller central?

A:  No, we guide you through our process of ASIN selection, purchasing and documentation submission. 

Q: The brand I need help with isn’t listed?

A:  We are continuously adding brands and categories.  Please inquire and we will verify before you purchase.